Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank is an online game that is present to accompany you, with a range of exciting games of Gemscool.

It is one of the First Person shoter game online, the most widely played by all gamers in Indonesia.

Online game published by NCsoft this, since his presence immediately got excited very high.

And if you play the game of gemscool pb, can experience a variety of games with interesting challenge.

Gemscool Point Blank


1. MAP


Game Mode
Explosion / Team / Eliminate

BLUE: Prevent the bomb did not explode on the target area.
RED: Blow up the bombs on the target area.

This folder the background of the houses are close together and have a lot of small streets. Strategy and good tactics from each team needed to win the battle on this map.


Completing the primary mission of a folder or a mode is not the only goal in Point Blank. The trooper also get to choose and complete the various missions are available. This mission will provide additional experience, points and a medal for the Troopers. Especially for the medal, Troopers can use it to obtain a particular title that will certainly improve the skills and abilities Trooper.

Mission cards must be purchased before it can be activated and completed. Please note that only one Mission Card that can be activated at a time. Point Blank Indonesia currently offers eight main Mission Card that can be selected (in addition to the tutorial mission)


Title system in Point Blank big influence to determine the type of trooper like if you want to select. There are three types of troopers that can be selected, namely Assault, Sniper or Assailant. Each type memilikii specialties and different ways to silence any opponent. But, before you begin to choose the type of trooper to be selected, make sure you already have four basic title Point Blank


Pursue and continue to increase your rank. Raise your level and continue to make sure your name appears on the ranking board and entered the ranks of an elite trooper Point Blank!!!

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