Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a game that is played online, proceeds made ​​from Gemscool.

Here you will be pampered with a game, which presents an interesting adventure to be played.

Lost saga games that carries a First-person shooter (FPS), as well as gemscool point blank.

You will fight as a hero figure of choice, with the presence of about 23 heroes in season 1, as well as about 100 heroes in the next season.

When playing the game in gemscool lostsaga, you should be able to fight as a hero to win the fight.

So that we have the figure of a hero who would become more famous, and the name of our Guild will be fragrant.

Gemscool Lost Saga


Fight as your favorite heroes from all over the world and time!! Dozens hero waiting for a chance to win with you at this time, and there will be more than 100 other hero waiting to join the fight in the future. Hero in LostSaga divided into 5 types, Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Choose whichever suits your playing style, or you can use all at the same time by performing Hero Swap Combo.

This is where the appeal of LostSaga, you can use more than 1 hero in the game, and can combine the skills of each Hero you use. There are more than hundreds of combo that you can use, or you combine yourself.

Skill in LostSaga divided into 4 for each Hero: Weapon Skill, Skill Armor, Helmet Skill and Skill Accessories. All of these skills can be changed depending on the gear you use. Additionally Gear wrought so you can become more powerful than ever. Dozens Hero Gear and wait for your collection, as well as Rare Item, where the item is unique, not everyone can have it.

Use the best skills of each hero to victory and a good name for yourself, Guildmu, and also Factionmu, when fighting in an ancient building, air castle, space station, Korea Palace, Water Parks, Forests holy, mining area, Boy Scout camp and still many other places!!



Discover the hidden treasure!
Did you know that the plaza filled with buried treasure? Get Relic Kit from Special items in the shop and work hard. It's time to dig up some relic precious Hero at the Plaza. Hero can now get more pesos and sometimes also Epic Gears by Relic Hunting. Who knows what you'll find under plazamu own!


Champion mode is 1 vs 1 battle without being able to change the heroes. In this mode, you are free to choose your mainstay heroes and show who is the best among you. The winner will get a title champion and challenger will get a title challenger in the battle for 100 seconds. Players win if deemed to KO an opponent or who has the most HP at the end of the round.

Only in this mode you will not get a penalty when out battle room.

3. Crusade

New war before us.
Crusade is a PvE mode (Player versus Environment) in which players fight against artificial monster that is designed to fight and beat players. Great conflict between the Order and the Legion has led many ancient legendary Hero died. In the midst of chaos Darkness slowly emerge and gather strength to dominate the souls of the lost. Without freedom, the Hero had died it had to face a new war.


Get the Power Stone!
In Power Stone mode each team has a precious stone that enhance their abilities. To win you have to protect yours and smash stones rocks belong to the opponent. If you are near the opponent's Power Stone, damage caused when you use the skill will increase and cooldown reduced. Therefore, it is crucial to take advantage of the Power Stone. You can heal your team to beat the Power Stone. Power Stone is very valuable because it is important to plan your team's attacking or defensive strategies to ensure victory. Unlike Prisoner mode, you will respawn every time you Diko or defeated. However, respawn time will increase each time you die.


Protect the crown!
In Crown Control you get points when your team has the crown. When you get 100 points (100%) means that your team wins the round. You can always find a crown in the center of the battlefield when the fight started. If the person who has defeated or out of the crown prince folder will be returned to the center. When you have your crown to be large and slow moving. Also, certain skill can not be used (jetpack, teleport etc.). To win Crown Control you must protect the crown bearer and hold the opponent's attack. There is only one rule: do not drop the crown!


Fishing rod exotic item!
Now you can run away from the battle field and resting the mind with the new Fishing Mode. There are many items float in space and time, and was once owned by the greatest Hero. Equip yourself with a fishing rod and a bucket full of Lunar Bait, and press [Fishing] in a Plaza to fish a variety of items that you can sell at a price high enough Peso. Be Master Fishing from Lost Saga!


Show who the boss!
Raid Boss offering you a chance to be a very powerful boss, shrink and become as strong as 10 opponent hero! The more heroes can you defeat a boss now, then you will get stronger. Players are not the boss must work together to defeat you. Once you fall, the player who last hit will be the new boss! Hero who can drop the most and win?


Catch your opponent!
In Prisoner Mode, there are two ways to win: Defeat opponents or their hostages. If yours is a hostage, do not panic! Friends can free you and your team cut the rope with an attack. However, if you accidentally dropped or defeated you have to wait until the next round to help your team friend


Zombie mode
In this mode, there are two teams who fought that team zombie and human teams. Zombie team must change all humans into zombies team players to be able to win the game and the human team must survive the zombie attack for 210 seconds at a run or hit all the zombies until their HP 0.


Soccer mode
In Soccer Mode, players are divided into two teams, the red team and blue. Fashion and insanely exciting because players try to put the ball into the opposing goal. Heroes can not hurt each other, they can only target ball. This game will be stopped if one team wins three goals.

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